3 Beginner-Friendly Tips to Edit and Improve Travel Videos

3 Beginner-Friendly Tips to Edit and Improve Travel Videos

3 Beginner-Friendly Tips to Edit and Improve Travel Videos

Did you record lots of video footage on a recent trip, but found that it left a lot to be desired? That is often the case with travel video footage, mostly because the conditions are far from ideal.

The good news is that there are easy ways that even a beginner can edit and dramatically improve the footage:

Edit and Improve Travel Videos

  • Stabilize any shaky parts of the video

When you’re recording in a hurry or on the move, a lot of the footage that you capture is likely to be at least a bit shaky. That is one of the first things that you can fix by using the stabilization feature present in most editors.

It isn’t difficult to use the stabilization feature as it is mostly automated. In fact the only thing that you may need to do is adjust the tolerance or strength setting based on how shaky the video footage is.

  • Decide what to do with the audio

Another common problem in travel videos is the audio. Unless you specifically used a good external microphone of the right type, the audio quality will be far from ideal.

If you want you can try to edit the audio mix and clean it up by minimizing the background noise and adjusting the audio levels. However if it is still bad you may want to consider removing the audio track entirely and replacing it with background music.

  • Adjust the color balance and settings

Seeing as you’ll have little or no control over the lighting when you record travel videos, it will be a good idea to adjust the color balance and settings. Most video editors have an automated feature that will let you do that, though it can help to try adjusting the color parameters manually.

Initially you should aim to color correct the video and make it look as close to real life as possible. After that you can look into creating a specific look using color grading if need be.

Make no mistake the tips listed above can be applied to your travel videos with practically any decent video editing software for Mac or PC. For example you could try using them with Movavi Video Editor for Mac.

All said and done you should be able to improve the quality of your travel video footage by leaps and bounds if you adjust the color balance, stabilize the video, and manage the audio properly. It should be noted that you may not be able to salvage all of the video footage, but at very least you’ll be able to improve most to the point that they better reflect what you were trying to record on your trip.

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