3 Tips to Create a More Appealing Blog Post

Blogging junkies, beware!

Unless you post from your heart you are wasting your time.

Most bloggers

  • Recycle old ideas
  • Outright copy content
  • Stealing the insights of others to boost their readership
  • But this crowd quickly learns the harshest of lessons
  • People respond to authentic
  • Genuine viewpoints.
  • If you want to create a more appealing blog post you must speak with your own voice
  • Sharing your feelings and pouring your soul into your work.
  • After blogging for the prior 3 years I can tell you that my most popular posts are the most heartfelt creations.

Posting from your heart means writing how you truly feel in regards to a specific topic instead of

  1. Recycling old worn out
  2. Played out points of view.
  3. This strategy opens you up to more criticism
  4. Increased feedback
  5. More blog traffic because people respect someone who speaks their mind freely.


The fear of criticism by posting from your heart on a persistent basis. Once you speak your mind and share your honest and thoughtful opinion, like-minded people find you with greater ease. This crowd promotes your post to their networks and your reach increases, boosting your subscriber counts quickly. Simply write how you feel in the moment to strike a chord with your target audience.
Be authentic to instantly create a more

  • Compelling
  • Intriguing blog post.

Observe a professional in any walk of life

These people hone their skills for hours each day over a period of years. If you too put in the practice you can reap the rewards of attracting a larger, more responsive audience to your latest blog posts.
All successful bloggers practice writing daily, just as any successful author practices writing each and every day. Putting more time into mastering your craft helps you churn out appealing blog posts on a daily basis.
Push yourself to write at least 1 to 5 blog posts daily if you want to become rich and famous through blogging; yes, you need to out create most bloggers if you want to gain recognition by publishing truly noteworthy work in this niche.

About Post & Article

You tend to note contrast easily while reading a blog post and adding different fonts to articles helps you establish contrast. Changing the appearance of text or presentation of content by using headers and different fonts grabs your reader’s attention and creates a more appealing reading experience.
Employ different font colors and styles to build a more intriguing blog post;
Packaging counts a great deal in the blogging game. Even if you churn out inspiring content you might be leaving visitors on the table if you neglect to craft a visually-appealing experience each time someone visits your blog.
Post from your heart and practice writing daily to publish inspiring content. Adjust your fonts to improve readability of your blog.

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