4 Blog Design Tips for Increasing Conversions


in business for themselves are hungry to increase conversions. Focusing on the end game can clarify your vision and attract to you the ideas you need to influence readers.

  • Your blog readers will generally follow your call to action if you turn casual visitors in regular loyal readers.
  • Return readers trust your blog. Readers who trust your blog tend to become customers.


Asking people to act and asking the same question will help increase conversions because most readers need to see the same request multiple times to act on a specific call. Stay on topic to develop your expertise in a single niche. Becoming an authority or influencer boosts your reputation and adds credibility to your calls to action.


An Easy to See Subscribe Button Return visitors become loyal readers and loyal readers become eager customers. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog or email newsletter updates by posting a clear and easy to see opt in form on your blog. Consider real estate which catches the attention of your readers.
Using your blog sidebar might be the way to go if you post you opt in form on the upper right hand side of your side panel. Perhaps you can provide you opt in form via a pop up option. Whatever the case makes it easy and simple for your readers to follow your latest blog posts and email newsletters to make money through your blog.

Increase Your Calls to Action Scared

Bloggers worry about asking readers to sign up for their list or buy their products but soon learn this fear repels conversions. Bold, confident bloggers have no problems asking readers to take specific calls to action multiple times to increase conversions.
If you want to influence people to do something you must ask individuals more than a few times to reach your desired goal. Few people act on a call to action after being asked once or twice. Many conversions happen after the 7th call to action is requested.
Persistently ask people to take the next step via your sidebar or at the conclusion of your blog post. Do not fear asking too much because most people need to see multiple calls before acting on your request.

Post Consistent Calls Imagine

Asking readers to sign up for your email list after one post then asking the same readers to buy your eBook at the conclusion of the following post.
Switching your call to action too

  • Frequently confuses readers
  • Destroys your continuity
  • Reduces conversions.

Readers crave consistency in both blog topics and in calls to action requested. Be consistently by asking your audience to do only one thing you automatically program readers to respond to your call. As your response rate increases your conversions will go through the roof.

Stay on Topic Condition

Readers to expect one thing. If you run a blog about how to grow a home business provide only tips on how to grow a home business via each post. Eventually you will gain the reputation of being the go to guy or gal in the home business mentor niche if you stay on topic for each and every post. Go to guys or gals gain a positive, powerful online reputation which naturally allows them to convert with greater ease. Experts in any niche are adept at getting people to do stuff which few others can get them to do. Such is the blessing of being an influencer.

To become an Influencer

you have to do one thing well for a sustained period of time. Develop your reputation as an expert, stay on topic and increase your conversions. Use these four powerful tips for your website design and see your conversions skyrocket.

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