4 Common Uses Tips for Metal Foil Asset Tags

Metal foil asset tags might seem like a specialty product, but the materials used create a versatile product that’s appropriate for a variety of applications and settings. Here’s a look at a few of the most common uses for metal foil asset tags.

Health Care

  • In the healthcare field
  • Asset labels are necessary for maintaining accurate record-keeping –
  • But they must be durable enough to withstand exposure to caustics
  • Cleaners and sometimes chemicals.
  • That’s because healthcare settings have strict sanitation requirements
  • So the cleaning solutions used are sometimes harsher than those used in a standard household setting
  • Equipment is cleaned much more frequently than common household items.

Metal foil

labels offer the right mix of versatility and durability to meet these rigorous requirements while maintaining readability over the typical lifespan of the asset. But in the healthcare field, metal foil asset labels go beyond durability – eliminating a lot of manual documentation which can lead to sometimes-serious errors.


The education industry is working under increasingly tight budgets, particularly public school systems. While investing in metal foil asset labels might seem like an unnecessary cost, it’s one that can actually help the bottom line in the long run.

That’s because

  • Expensive equipment
  • Such as A/V equipment
  • Can be more readily shared across educators and even facilities
  • Reducing the need to duplicate your most expensive assets that aren’t used every day.

When equipment is shared by a team of instructors, someone must take responsibility for documenting where the equipment is currently being used as well as create a system for signing up and scheduling assets without double-booking.

This is no simple task using

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Methods
  • It often leads to errors.

Without the necessary equipment, a teacher’s lesson plan can be thrown completely out-of-whack which doesn’t benefit the students or the education provider. Metal foil asset tags can automate this process, using software programs to coordinate scheduling and easy bar code scanning to confirm locations and indicate in a central system that an asset is currently in use.

Government Agencies

Regulate everything from healthcare to traffic control signs.

And that means the sheer volume of assets that must be

  • Documented
  • Tracked
  • Recorded
  • Maintained is outrageous.
  • While most agencies focus on a particular category
  • Operation, there’s usually still a wide breadth of assets involved.

Government agencies prefer to have specific policies and procedures for handling assets and operations, so precision is key when it comes to documentation. That’s where metal foil asset tags come in, a durable bar code label that’s versatile enough to meet the array of needs of the government.

Metal foil

Asset labels can be used in such an array of settings and applications that they enable government agencies to maintain consistency in their labeling requirements, which results in less confusion, increased productivity and overall better asset management.


The manufacturing industry is known for harsh environments, from heavy machinery to chemical and biological processing, tools and a variety of other processes involved in the production of goods.

That means assets used in this setting could be exposed to

  • Any number of caustics
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaners
  • Even extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Metal foil asset tags are the most logical solution for many of these applications
  • Maintaining readability even after exposure to less-than-ideal conditions.

Ordinary Asset

labels may wear down after repeated cleaning, resulting in blurred or non-readable bar codes and the need to replace the label itself. It doesn’t make sense to continuously invest in labeling assets – in terms of either time or financial resources – when metal foil asset labels offer the durability needed to remain readable throughout the life of your assets.
Metal foil asset tags are constructed of durable anodized aluminum with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive that is capable of forming a permanent bond with different surfaces – including both textured and contoured surfaces, high surface-energy plastics and metals.
For companies and organizations requiring a flexible asset tracking solution with added durability to withstand the typical hazards of your work setting, metal foil labels are a cost-effective solution.

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