4 Jobs You Can Do If You Can Write

4 Jobs You Can Do If You Can Write

If you can write, you can make money. It’s a simple fact that more and more writers today are discovering. They’ve learned that they they can make an excellent living, either from their home as a freelance worker or in an office.

Some already have a natural talent for writing or they’ve attended school to perfect their craft. If you haven’t, but you’re interested in pursuing a writing career, consider one of the many accredited online and continuing education degree programs that will teach you to be a good writer. Then, consider one of these excellent writing careers.

  1. Product Descriptions

Retailers in every industry need product descriptions written for their websites to make them seem more enticing and give all the details about the products. However, many business owners lack the ability to write these descriptions themselves, so they’ll hire someone like you to do it for them.

You might be given an opportunity to write freelance for various companies, producing content for the items your clients are selling. Or, you could be given an exclusive contract to write for just one company and be paid on salary.

For example, a car dealership in Thompsontown, PA might hire you to write the descriptions of each of their vehicles to be posted online. You’ll use keywords to draw attention to the fact that the dealership is located in Thompsontown, PA to attract more local online traffic.

A gig like this is ideal in product description writing because you’re guaranteed consistent work. You don’t have to compile several projects at once to make a decent living, which takes a lot of stress off of you.

  1. Medical Reviews

Medical institutions can benefit greatly from written reviews of their services. The online attention makes them easier to search online as well as providing social proof of their excellence. They may hire a writer, such as yourself, to write those reviews and have them published on a reputable publication.

If you have a talent for describing the best of an institution, you can get a job writing high quality medical reviews. You’ll have to spend some time with the employees and maybe some of the patients to get a feel for the place. Then, you’ll write your review and collect a huge reward.

  1. Medical Blogs

Another writing career in high demand is also in the medical field. In order to rank highly in search engines when potential patients search for local services, healthcare institutions must use SEO. At the heart of SEO is blogging. If you have any medical knowledge and an ability to put it into writing, you can try your hand at medical blogging.

You’ll write some things about the medical institution, the people who work there, and some local information, but your job will primarily revolve around debunking medical myths and informing patients about certain illnesses or diseases.

For example, your first blog post might be about myocarditis awareness. You can write about topics like this without medical knowledge beforehand as long as you know how to research accurate information. However, it certainly helps to have existing knowledge, and you’ll qualify for higher pay as well.

  1. Resume Writer

Oftentimes, the one thing that stands between a qualified candidate and the job is the resume. Too many job seekers simply don’t know how to make themselves look good on paper, so they hire others to do it for them.

As a resume writer, you’ll work closely with customers to learn their strengths. You’ll craft well-worded resumes to help them get an interview. It helps to have some design skills so that you can make the resume stand out.

Writing is a very fulfilling career, often with good hours and pay. It’s well worth your time to get the necessary education to make this your full time career!

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