5 Ways to Design the Ultimate Nursery

In the midst of creating the ultimate designer nursery for your little one, it can be easy to forget the various safety issues that should be associated with a nursery. For this reason, there have even been specialist baby proofing companies that have been established – whose principle task is to inspect a home and report on the areas which need attention.

To Provide Something of a Disclaimer

To this blog post, we don’t intend to cover every little safety concern that can be attached to a nursery. In fact, it’s probably impossible to compose such a list and there will always be new safety guidelines being released to keep babies and toddlers safe in their room.
What we instead hope to achieve is to identify the five biggest threats your little one and if you can guard against these issues, you will be increasing the safety of your son or daughter tremendously.


All major furniture to the wall Most households will follow this tip regardless of whether they have a

  • Child
  • With a lot of flat pack furniture
  • Or even premium items such as the ones from
  • Arriving with ties that attach it to the wall to decrease the risk of it falling
  • As toddlers start to nurture their exploring instincts
  • You’ll probably find that they start to climb anything that looks interesting and bulky furniture tends to fall into this category
  • We don’t need to highlight the risks if this furniture is attached to the wall
  • Although regular readers of the newspapers have probably read countless tragic stories regarding this

Lock All Furniture

That has opening doors This is another obvious hazard, although fortunately the consequences are probably never going to be as severe as what they are with the previous issue. It’s a common occurrence for a child to experiment by putting their fingers in various gaps and every person in the world will have trapped them as a result of this.
Therefore, to minimize the risk of this happening, invest in some locks which will attach to the drawers or cupboard and simply allow you to open them.

Attach any Blind cords to the Wall

If we revert to potentially life-saving tips, this is another that falls into the category. Dangling blind cords are a huge strangulation hazard and there have been some tragic cases of children dying because of this. All blinds should arrive with a fitting to slot the cord onto and if they don’t, make sure you take to travel to the DIY shop straight away to pick up one.

Protect all Power Sockets

This is another simple solution to implement, with many shops selling the plastic plugs that fix into a socket so little fingers can’t get stuck in there. Again, the risks are obvious – but the prevention methods are too.

Take care about Where you Hang items

Before your little one arrived, you had the freedom of the house in relation to where you arranged items. Unfortunately, you’ve probably already found that this isn’t the case but it’s especially important in relation to items you hang on the wall. While you might be confident that your DIY skills will keep a picture in its place for years, don’t erect it above the cot as a whole array of things can go wrong and cause catastrophes.

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