Achieve the Home of Your Dreams: 7 Budget Tips

Achieve the Home of Your Dreams: 7 Budget Tips

Achieve the Home of Your Dreams: 7 Budget Tips

Everyone wants to live in their dream home, but for many people, it’s out of reach because it’s so expensive. While buying a finished house that meets all of your specifications can be pricey, there are some ways to get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank by making simple upgrades to the home you already live in. Read on for all the best tips for getting the home you really want.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Kitchens can make or break the sale of a home so it’s pretty obvious that the way yours looks and functions is important. If you’re working toward your dream home, consider a complete kitchen makeover. Start with replacing your kitchen cupboard doors and the knobs and pulls. This is much cheaper than buying all new cabinets. Then put on a fresh coat of paint, some new flooring and perhaps new appliances.

Achieve the Home of Your Dreams

Add Crown Moulding

This is a job you can easily do yourself and it instantly gives your entire house a dose of glamour and sophistication. Crown moulding adds a unique feel and some charm to your living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms and gives it that something extra you’re looking for.

Hang a New Front Door

Bright and colourful front doors are having a moment right now and they’re an inexpensive way to give the front of your home a facelift. Choose a colour that blends with the exterior of your home and create an entrance that is right out of your dreams.

Re-stain Wooden Floors

Darker wood planks are modern and fresh and can be seen in many people’s dream home. You can hire someone to sand down your real wood floors and apply fresh stain or you can do the job yourself. It’s relatively inexpensive to do and gives your entire house a brand-new look. This also makes your home look newer and saves you money on buying all new flooring.

If you don’t have wooden floors, consider swapping out carpets for laminate flooring for a fresh new look.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This device enables you to customise the temperature in your home year-round, which is a simple way to make being in your house more enjoyable and comfortable. Some systems allow for different temperature controls in different parts of the house, which is another way to work on creating your dream home. If managed correctly, a programmable thermostat (along with a smart meter) can help save money on energy bills.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

When it’s nice outside, you naturally want to spend time in your garden so making a place to hang out is ideal. Create some shade with a table and chairs so you can enjoy meals alfresco, and plant flowers and trees that you enjoy looking at.

Add Some Kerb Appeal

A dream house should look as good from the outside as it does on the inside. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior, plant some flowers, add mulch to bedding, create a garden or plant a lush new lawn. When it comes to kerb appeal you can afford to dream big.

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