Choosing the Right Playground Flooring

Choosing the Right Playground Flooring

Choosing the Right Playground Flooring

It’s important to select carefully the playground flooring for your kids’ safety. This will primarily determine the comfort, safety, and durability of the space. There are various types of playground surfaces that you can choose from. The following are some of the more common options:

Rubber Mulch

This can be found in many home-improvement stores. It is usually packed in huge bags that can be easily dumped on the floor. It is known for durability. It is also soft and resilient which means comfort for the kids.

Playground Flooring


The easiest to install among the playground flooring options is sand. It is used in many playgrounds. This is just dumped on the ground.


This is the best type of the playground surface to use. It stays soft and clean for children to play on without causing worry on the parents. This can be more expensive compared to other options.

Rubber Tile

This is the type of flooring that can provide a more defined space compared to the rubber mulch; however,it may take a little bit of effort and money to install.

Wetpour Surfacing

This is more like the rubber mulch for it uses recycled rubber bonded together to produce a soft and impact absorbent playground surface which is safe for the kids. It also allows you to create your own patterns and choose your preferred colors.

These are only some of the options. You can find many more; and for you to choose the most appropriate one, it’s important for you to know important information about playground flooring options.

You have to know how tall the playground equipment is.

This will determine the fall height rating of the surface vis-à-vis the thickness of the tiles or the depth of the rubber mulch.

You also have to determine the area or space of the playground.

When the playground has a large area, it also has a large space to cover. It can be costly to cover it based on the cost per square feet.

Choose between the initial cost and lifetime cost.

Rubber mulch is cheaper to apply initially. This however requires maintenance and filling in on areas that are carried by the wind or washed by the rain. Playground tiles are more expensive initially, but they are more permanent and can last for life. It also requires minimal maintenance.

Be more mindful of where you live.

You have to be mindful of the weather, temperature, and the amount of rainfall in your location. This will help you determine the type of playground flooring that will suit your area.

It is also important to determine the expected traffic on the playground.

You have the make sure that the playground surface you choose is durable. To ensure this, you have to know the frequency of use, the expected number of children who will regularly use it, and the nature of activities done on the playground.

On top of all these, it is crucial to ensure that the area surface is larger than the actual play area. This will ensure that the kids will have ample space for landing.

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