Dress for the job you want

The old line about dressing for the job you want

  • And not for the job you have
  • Has been repeated so often
  • It’s become one of those clichés that many people tend to ignore
  • However, it’s still good advice
  • Particularly if you’re job-hunting and want to give yourself the best possible chance of walking into your dream role.

It’s more than just guessing what you think the employer will be looking for though

  • As you’ll end up wearing a plain black suit in an attempt to look conservatively dressed
  • Will actually walk in looking like an extra from Reservoir Dogs
  • Rather than risk looking like every other candidate
  • The key is to dress distinctively
  • But well within the boundaries of what you believe would be acceptable for you to wear to the office on a daily basis.

One good option

  • If you are being interviewed for an office job
  • Is to go for a suit that is a slightly unusual color
  • Metallic greys can be eye-catching and stylish
  • As can dark greens and striped blues
  • Consider teaming it with a brightly colored shirt and tie combination
  • Which can give an impression of self-confidence
  • Without going over the top.
  • Not all jobs are office-based
  • Of course if you are being interviewed for a different kind of position
  • Where the classic shirt
  • Suit and tie combination might not be your daily outfit
  • It is worth considering whether it would be appropriate to appear at the interview dressed in your finest.

In many instances

  • A suit and tie would still be suitable apparel for the interview
  • It is certainly unlikely to make a poor impression
  • Provided that your suit fits well, and is clean and neatly pressed.
  • The flip side of all of this is that
  • While you are job-hunting
  • You need to make sure you have a smart
  • Clean suit available in case you get invited to an interview at short notice
  • If you’ve left a job in a different industry area
  • You might find that the clothes you used to wear will no longer be appropriate for your new role.

Consider Trading

  • In any old clothing that you no longer need
  • some recycling centers will offer to pay you cash for old clothes
  • meaning that you can both free up some wardrobe space
  • invest in an extra suit to broaden your list of options for interviews.

In particular

Having at least two suits hanging in your wardrobe means you have options open to you when you get invited back for a second interview

  • This gives you the choice to wear an entirely different outfit
  • Which should not mean the difference between whether or not you get the job
  • But at least helps to demonstrate that you have the necessary garments to dress for the job over the long term.
  • About Rick Lambert am a lifestyle and careers coach
  • Helping to unlock people’s potential through simple steps like dressing to impress
  • Without neglecting the practical side of sorting clothes for recycling while hanging on to the garments that are still suitable for office wear.

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