Get To Know The Different Washing Machine Parts And Their Working

Get To Know The Different Washing Machine Parts And Their Working

Get To Know The Different Washing Machine Parts And Their Working

The demand for washing machines is increasing because of the enormous benefits, these appliances offer. Today, washing machine has become a necessity for every working home. The introduction of washing machines has especially made mom’s work easy. All they have to do is add some detergent and water to the washing tub and load clothes. Your washing machine will take care of the washing and rinsing work. The washing machines with driers are more useful as they reduce your work up to great extent. In fact, you need not visit the terrace any more to air dry clothes, if you choose machine with drier feature. Below are some washing machine parts available with all top brands like Whirlpool, LG and Samsung.

Washing Machine Parts

# Washing Machine Parts

Most of the washing machine users do not have any idea about the parts used in their users.  If you are one among them then have a look below and learn about the different washing machine parts and how they work. Surprisingly, this is going to be very interesting!

  • Motor: The most important part in a washing machine is its motor. In fact, motor is the heart of a washing machine. Motor and agitator work together to produce rotator motion required for rinsing and washing dirty laundry.
  • Tubs: You will find 2 tubs inside a washing machine and they are known as the outer and inner drum. The inner drum generally holds the clothes while the outer one supports the interior tub, during rinse and spin cycles.
  • Programmer: A programmer allows the user to set temperature, cycle type and water level. Using a programmer you can decide how long you want your wash cycles to be.
  • Water Pump: A water pump is generally used for water recirculation during wash cycle and draining water during the spin cycle.
  • Agitator: Agitator plays a very important role in removing the dirt from your clothes. Clothes need to be agitated or moved around water containing detergent in order to remove the dirt from the clothes. A washer generally includes an agitator which performs this agitating task. This agitator rotates continuously to remove the dirt or soil from the clothes until the end of the wash cycle.
  • PCB: This circuit board includes all the electrical circuits and components of your washing machine.

Which brand washing machine shall I buy?

Whirlpool washing machines are available in innovative and fashionable designs. Moreover, they are very user-friendly and available at reasonable price. The fully automatic front load and top load washing machines are the two styles popular in India.

Front loads are preferred because it makes use of less water and less energy. Top loads have short cycle in comparison to front load. If you are looking for some attractive deals then do take the help of the price comparison search engines available in online like CompareRaja. However, make sure to choose the right capacity, so as to fulfil your washing needs. Check for advanced features and choose one that suits your lifestyle. Remember, more advanced features can add to the purchase price of a washing machine. Choose wisely!

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