Heading Towards a New Fashion Statement with a Long Pearl Necklace

Heading Towards a New Fashion Statement with a Long Pearl Necklace

Heading Towards a New Fashion Statement with a Long Pearl Necklace

Women are never happy even with their large and extensive collection of jewelry. Pearl is one of the smallest yet most beautiful things which can embrace their jewelry collection. Though pearls seem to be the smallest gems, but when they are stranded in a chain to form an exquisite piece of a necklace, they undoubtedly register their most exceptional presence. Women are heading towards a new fashion statement with beautiful pearl necklaces. Let’s see how these necklaces are formed.

Formation of Pearl necklaces

The making of beautiful things can never be a simple process. Various procedures in the creation of pearl necklaces are:

  • Harvesting process of Pearls

For every manufacturing process, the first step to begin is to assemble all the materials required to make the final product. In the formation of pearl necklaces, a pearl is the primary raw material.

Pearls originate from the oysters, but these natural pearls are very rare to find, that’s why they are harvested and cultured for further use in the market. The harvesting process of pearls is complicated.

The oysters are cultivated in ideal conditions after which the pearls are formed inside them. These pearls usually take several years for proper formation after which they are removed carefully from the oysters without any harm such that the previously cultivated oysters can be used again for pearl harvesting.

  • Polishing of Pearls

After the harvesting of high-quality pearls, they are thoroughly washed and further processed for the next step. These cultured pearls are sent for their polishing, which provides extra shine and luster to their surface making them perfect for jewelry.

  • Assembling the pearls in the form of the necklace

The polished pearls are now ready for the manufacture of beautiful ornaments. Jewelry designers gather these beautifully cultured pearls in a specific design, and then they are stranded in the long chain either made of silver, gold or platinum.

This lengthy process of the formation of this long pearl necklace makes it unique and elegant. It embraces the neck of women with perfection.

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