How Signage Can Benefit Your Business

A sign does more than just providing identity for your business, it’s the first impression that prospective customers see.Proper signage will come handy for new businesses which require visibility as well as established ones that need to increase brand awareness.Although signage represents a small expenditure compared to your overall investment, it’s a major aspect of marketing and should be done correctly. Let’s go deeper into the topic and see how signage can benefit your business in both short and long term basis.

#1 Increasing your Visibility

Not all businesses are strategic in terms of location. Your shop could betucked on the far end fromthe mall entrance. This means you have to go an extra mile to attract customers as opposed to your competition who are visible right from the street. In such a situation, you need a well placed sign that directs prospective customers to your door.

Research has shown that 35% of passers-by get to know about businesses through signs. At the same time startups attract about 50% of new clientsby way ofon-site signage.

For service industries like plumbers and home maintenance services, most of your business is done from your work vehicles. For these industries it’s important to include proper lettering and signage on your vehicles in order to reach more potential customers.

How Signage Can Benefit Your Business

#2 Driving up Customer Numbers through Adverts

Business success is achieved by tailoring products that target specific customers based on day, time, trends andpromotions. Signage helps you to achieve these by advertising your offers at a glance.

This is where well designed digital signage comes into play. It gives you the chance to communicate discounts, new products and complementary services; this goes a long way in steering traffic your way.

#3 Enabling Customer Engagement

Social media is a new frontier that has seen revenues rise by way of amplifying word of mouth advertisement. Sales are driven by creating ‘buzz’ across different platforms; the idea being to keep people talking about your venture. You can now bring tweets, posts, chats, videos, hashtags etc.inside your business through signage.

Software like Aerva allows you to manage digital signage content by incorporating social media feeds. With these you are able to leverage royalty by keeping customers engaged as they shop or wait to be served.

#4 Attract Impulse Shoppers

Impulse buying is a huge revenue earner for businesses across the board.Signage is a cost effect way of attracting these shoppers. It all has to do with strategic placement of signs to nudge walk-ins towards your business.

This is the reason whystores insist on placingsale signs for goods with discounted prices. It’s not that customers cannot read tags and tell that prices have gone down but a sign helps to keep the sale on your mind.

#5 Improve your Credibility

Signage can improve brand credibility. When it’s done correctly to bring out the uniqueness of your services or products, it creates confidence in potential customers. Before people make an inquiry theyform an impression based on your signage.

Think of two medical practices; one with a plain sign on services offered and the other with a doctor’s photo in white scrubs plus a list of services offered. The latter will surely come out as more professional and dependable from the word go. Similarly, asign with photos of dishes will attract more customers to a deli than a plain-listed one.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to signage, invest in a design that will capture the imagination of customers. Avoid word stuffing which may put-offcustomers. People will also avoid your business if they feel like they are being bombardedwith too much salesy information. Ensure that your design incorporates the ABC’s of signage; A– attracts new customers, B – brand awareness and C – create ‘impulse’ sales. When it comes to signage, quality triumphs over quantity, go with simple, actionable and precise content.

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