How Technology is Making Gift Giving Easier

Gift giving is a long withstanding tradition that has undergone a recent change. What once was the practice of giving and receiving presents from loved ones to mark occasions such as birthdays and Christmases is now part of corporate global culture. How has something as simple as giving presents transformed after the advent of the 21st century? Thanks to the proliferation of innovative technology, gift giving is no longer a long and thoughtful process. It is in fact very simple.

There have been studies conducted about gift giving that focus on the scientific nature of the practice. But the question remains: has it made the concept easier? Or has it turned this warm gesture into a corporate fad?

Technology is Making Gift Giving Easier

Everything is About Convenience

Most people in modern society has access to a smartphone and the internet. Not only has this reshaped the way humans conduct their work, but also aspects of their personal lives. Since everything is about convenience nowadays, what technology has done for gift giving has made it all the more easier. Ecommerce and marketing has changed and dominated the way we shop and we have slowly made this transition to the digital store.

Convenience is now king which is why technology has heavily influenced people’s expectations when it comes to the ease and speed at which tasks can be finished. The way people search for presents for their family and friends has changed in the following ways:

Demand Ease from Online Shopping

Long gone are the days when you had to wade through brick and mortar stores to buy holiday presents for your loved ones. The use of ecommerce sites and apps has made it possible for you to shop virtually for each relative or friend without having to leave your house. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for kids, or debating what you get your partner, the huge online selections are available to help you.

Same Day Deliveries? Yes Please!

Technology has allowed humans to shop from the comfort of their own bedrooms and then have their purchased items delivered to their doorsteps. Once you are done buying your presents, you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep within 24 hours. Modern consumers rely on same day deliveries heavily, especially when buying items for holiday presents. Last minute shopping does not mean your kids and family members miss out on great presents.

Unbelievable Prices

Everyone wants to save money when they are shopping for gifts. This does not mean you have to compromise on quality: you can simply compare online prices from those of physical retailers. Once you have assessed the costs, you’ll notice that online comes with greater discounts and local sales. When prices are so unbelievable, you will be able to buy gifts for everyone in your life without having to empty out your bank account.


Technology is certainly changing things for the better, and this includes gift giving. Although regarded as impersonal, the idea of using tech to buy presents is convenient and efficient.

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