How to Use Technology to Ensure Safe Parking for Your Car

How to Use Technology to Ensure Safe Parking for Your Car

How to Use Technology to Ensure Safe Parking for Your Car

Parking and innovation have come a long way in the last few decades. With the introduction of AI, biometric security and other safety systems, people can be sure that their important belongings are in a safe space. Cars are part of these valuables that often are placed in danger zones where they can get dented or stolen. The most common kinds of safety hazards that occur around cars are in public parking spaces. This proves to be very stress inducing for the owner of the vehicle.

The main problem with car safety while parking is related to the legality of the location chosen and maiming from other reckless drivers. But these issues have been reduced by a number of technological advances, such as motion sensors, CCTV recordings and smartphone apps.

The following are some ways you can employ new tech to make sure your car is parked safely:

Use Technology to Ensure Safe Parking for Your Car

Smart Access Feature

Smart access is being introduced in most new car models which use onboard features to park your car. This innovation employs cloud based systems and your smartphone to give your proper instructions when parking in a tough spot. The system is accurate and easy to use and can deliver instructions in a range of languages. This also helps drivers look for an appropriate parking space as well as save their manual search time.

Better Communication through Apps

Apps are now being used to communicate to the driver regarding a problem with their parked car. Not only do they help in locating parking spaces but they also make sure your vehicle is safe. If you have opted for alternate side parking there is a problem or your car is about to get towed then you will be contacted immediately. As long as your license plate is registered then an authority or concerned bystander can make sure your car is safe in its spot.

Automatic Valet Parking

Airports and other big institutions have introduced an automatic valet parking service. This allows specifically designed robots to act as the attendants for your car by bringing them to the car park and then back to you when needed. This saves time and human error while ensuring that your vehicle does not undergo any harm.

In-Ground Sensor Technology
Parking sensors can now be found in the ground that make sure the meter rates are kept at a minimum. This way, there are better occupancy rates on streets. The only amount you have to is for the time period your car was in that spot. The technology uses infrared tech within the sensors along with smart cameras that even measure the full dimensions of parked cars.

Digitizing Payments for Parking
Paying for parking has been made easier with digital payments being normalized everywhere. You can now simply use your card to pay for the time slot your car spent in a particular parking spot without any issue and have the receipt within in seconds.


The use of technology within the parking industry is becoming standardized and accepted throughout the globe. With improvements in operational efficiency and flexible service, the security of these new parking advances is unparalleled.

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