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Kendrick Lamar Damn Download

Kendrick Lamar Damn Download

No-one these days would deny the importance of English. To the growing number of families living on the planet trying to make some sense of their own and their offspring’s lives in the globalising and often frightening 21st-century, a knowledge of the world’s lingua franca is increasingly seen as a passport to success.

The common thinking is; learn English well and you’re more likely to land a better job and have a more prosperous and interesting life. In recent years most governments and education ministries have woken up to the demand for English. The subject is now on the national curriculum of almost all primary schools throughout the continents.

Unfortunately, the results are often highly disappointing.   Jambaze,  insufficiently trained primary school teachers are forced to teach English often with little more knowledge than the kids in their class.  Far too many fifth-graders who have been studying the language for years are unable to string more than a few sentences together and leave elementary school incapable of holding a proper conversation.

It all comes down to a lack of teacher training exacerbated by reduced funds for teacher development courses and the lack of knowledge of politicians about early age language learning. Kids in pre-school and the first years of school  learn best  through interactive and communicative activities, games,  animated stories and actions songs; not from reciting and copying endless lists of words or from tedious alphabet lessons.  Let us not forget that English spelling is highly irregular. Alphabet sounds and misconstrued phonics lessons based around the letters can be very confusing.

Now thanks to the internet and radical new teaching methods, help is at hand. Both teachers and parents can find at a very low cost or even free, games and activities to supplement the often unsuitable traditional teaching materials and teacher-fronted methods used in classrooms. For example the British Council provides a wide variety of activities while educational organizations such as FunSongs Education supplies schools and families with action songs, English language learning shows and study packages.

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