Probe Betting in Online Poker

Playing poker, it is not always that you come across certain signs that can help you to magically make a lot of money.

  • Hence, you would depend upon a certain tell from your opponent, so that you can gauge the average hand of that person
  • Make sure that you adjust your strategy accordingly.

The best way for you to do so in case you do not find any sort of tell from your opponent is to go for probe betting.

  • There are a lot of things that can be understood about probe betting
  • Some of them have been mentioned below.
  • Whenever you start probe betting
  • It is always important for you to go for low stakes poker.
  • If you happen to be unfamiliar with probe betting, the need to test your strategy with the free games, along with the low stakes poker.
  • This way, you can find tune any sort of problem that you may be facing, and find out how the system will be working.

If you need to go for probe betting, then you need to start extremely early in the game.

  • The importance of catching your opponent in the act is very much paramount
  • It is always important for you to start as early as possible.
  • When you join a particular game
  • You need to focus your energy on finding out how your opponent shall be behaving under different circumstances.
  • Whenever you are trying to go for probe betting
  • Position is also of a greater significance.
  • It is more effective if you happen to be placed in front of the person
  • Your bet is followed by that opponent.
  • This can help you to gain a good understanding on his body language
  • As well as the different ways in which the person has been able to react upon seeing a very big blind in front of them.


  • After placing the bet
  • You need to watch the hands as well as the facial muscle of your opponent.
  • Understand when they are likely to fold
  • When can they find it within themselves to go for exploiting the game in keeping it in contrast with the pot amount.
  • After you have got that particular reaction
  • Then you can exploit this at a later game, for a higher amount of money.

You need to keep repeating the steps

over and over again until and unless you find each and everything that is to be noticed among that fellow opponent.
This way, you can actually find yourself in such a comprehensive position that you could possibly go for

  • Placing large bets
  • End up winning each and every round
  • If that that opponent is present.

What do you feel by gaining from this exercise?
You find that you can actually get probe betting can actually help you to get the desired amount of information about your opponent as well as get to know about the betting patterns, which can help you to make enough money.

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