Student Housing, accommodation in Como

Student Housing, accommodation in Como

Student Housing, accommodation in Como


In halls of residence is always been an enriching and improving experience.
Many accommodation Services are constantly open to facilitate students with

  • Discovering the most suitable and advantageous spot to live in a completely study centered environment
  • Within easy reach of the College.
  • Prandoni Hall of Residence can be a good choice for those students who are not able to get a room in University or any other place.
  • Enter the site hallofresidencecomo it
  • The registration process is easy and quick

Most of the students

Want a place next to their collage and universities so they can easily reach to their campus without getting more hassle. Since Prandini hall of residence is next to the university so none of the student can worry for the additional transportation cost.
Now a day’s rent has become a major issue especially for students in case if they choose this option. In Italy if you rent an apartment or place you just not only need to pay an equal stream of rent but you also need to pay the utilities which will be a huge burden on your monthly budget.
By enrolling yourself at Prandini hall of fame you only need to pay a minimum sum of amount on your entire duration of course.

In recent times internet

  • Has become an essential piece of life for students
  • They have to deal with their assignments
  • Projects
  • Presentations and exploring other information through it.
  • Most halls of residence in Italy lack this facility due to this student need to approach different internet cafes which makes them to pay some extra money for this.
  • However, Prandini hall facilitate students with wife or internet connection by 24 x 7 and 365 days in the year.

It possesses a completely secure atmosphere and facilitates students from several ways.

  • It has under pavement heating
  • Fully equipped laundry rooms (Washers Dryers)
  • Controlled access
  • Bike parking and security cameras.

One main benefit of living Prandini Hall

Of Residence is chance to become more acquainted with new individuals of all ages.

You can get the

  • Guidance
  • Notes
  • Books
  • Help of the elderly students.

Life in Prandini hall

Of residence is interesting and a wonderful experience of your student life. As the hall of residents might be approached by many students so limited number of students can be permitted to live there. Some students may find it an uncomfortable place due to noise or disturbance. Or they might not to concentrate on their studies.
Life in hall of residence might be hard for some students especially for those who are living alone for first time without their parents or family.
Living in a Prandini hall of residence gives the benefit of being closer to classes and having the capacity to tune into what’s going on CAMPUS.
Students who live in Prandini hall of residence tend to make

  • More companions
  • Accomplish higher GPA’s
  • Gain initiative experience
  • Deal with their time more successfully than the individuals who live at other places

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