The Best Summer Birthday Party Tips

The Best Summer Birthday Party Tips

If you were born in the summer, congratulations. You’ve got a lot of company, especially if you arrived in this world in August. It turns out August and September are the most popular months to give birth (insert Labor Day jokes here). Being born in summer means you’re more likely to be optimistic and less likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Those are good things, but having a summer birthday can be a mixed bag in other ways. The weather is more likely to be bright and warm if you want to throw a birthday party. On the other hand, getting people to show up is harder during a time when a lot of families go on vacation. Here’s how to throw the best summer birthday bash for someone of any age.


Keep everyone cool


No one wants to think about global warming when planning a birthday party. But the climate is warmer in general, and that adds up to hotter summers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in America or Antarctica. You want your guests to have fun, but it’s a lot harder to have fun if you get a heat rash or heatstroke. Nothing ruins that party vibe like someone passing out from the heat in your backyard.


You have a few ways to work around the heat issue, some of which are more fun than others. If you’re throwing a party for adults, you can move most of the festivities indoors, or at least have both an indoor and outdoor party area. People can stay outside when they feel up to it, and then go in when they want to cool off. Depending on your yard’s set-up, you can use extension cords to add fans to the outdoor party. Don’t forget to keep everyone hydrated as well. That’s especially important if you’re throwing an adult party with adult beverages such as beer and wine.

If you have kids, then you’re going to have a harder time herding them indoors in the middle of summer. But fear not. Instead, tell them to bring their swimsuits, then start looking for an inflatable water slide for rent. The trip down the slide will be thrilling, and splashing down in  pool of cool water will be refreshing. You don’t even have to worry about setting it up and grabbing the water hose, because the rental company should send along staffers who will do all that work for you. You can just focus on giving your kid the best birthday ever.


Give the gift of an experience


Stuff is nice. We all like stuff. But it also makes sense that, in many cases, we value experiences more highly than material goods. If you really want to keep the party going after the guests go home, you can give the birthday boy or girl the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


If you have a kid who loves Disney, then a birthday party is a great time to hand him or her a box with Disney World reservations printed out and placed inside. The trip can be next week or six months later; the important thing is that you’re giving your child something to look forward to.


Birthdays feel a little differently when you’re an adult, but it’s still a nice time to let loved ones know that you think they’re special. If your best friend has always wanted to surf the waves in Hawaii, then the party is an excellent time to present your friend with a gift certificate for custom surfing lessons.


You don’t have to give friends the gift of travel, of course. If plane tickets aren’t in your budget, then hand them a gift certificate for something like a nice dinner or a hot stone massage. Think of something they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves, and then go nuts.

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