The List of Top 5 Bhai Dooj Special Gifts for Brothers

The List of Top 5 Bhai Dooj Special Gifts for Brothers

The List of Top 5 Bhai Dooj Special Gifts for Brothers

Bhai Dooj is the last day of Diwali and it is a day decorated with the immense love of brothers and sisters. Diwali is our biggest festival when every family member returns to their roots to spend some quality time with friends and relatives. The last day of this festival is dedicated to the bond of a brother and sister who grew up together and would always remain a best friend to each other. Both of them spends a lot of time in figuring out the best gifts for this occasion. Here are some options for you which you can consider along with the colorful bhai dooj cards.



This is one of those things that have cemented the bond between you and your brother – right? Right from childhood till adulthood, you have always had a great chat and “problem-solving” sessions with a chocolate in hand. To bribe your siblings to do a favor a chocolate has always helped you. Bring a big basket of chocolate with some of the delicious brands like Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Hershey’s, MnM, etc. and keep a note “Bribing you to be my best friend for life”. Your brother would jump in joy with this loving gift.

Business Card Holder:-

When he failed in Math or Geography in standard 8th, everyone in your family said that “He would achieve nothing on life”, “He is a loser”. But only you were his best friend who never lost hope on him and encouraged him to follow his goals. Now he is doing well, earning six figures, drives a nice car, treats his family, and takes care of everyone, and you are simply proud of his achievements. Present a personalized business card holder to him as a bhai phota gifts and make him happy on this lovely occasion.

Perfume and Table Calendar:-

Pack some of the trendiest perfumes for men ion a cane basket along with a personalized table calendar and make this occasion a memorable one. Gather some of the best childhood pictures which feature both of you for the personalized calendar. The perfumes can be Jaguar, Calvin Klein, Axe, Envy, Avon, etc.

Trendy Backpack:-

Travelling is a great hobby and those who travel alone are really courageous and fearless. They take up every challenge coming their way and have a never-say-die attitude towards life. If he just loves to travel and dreams of building his own travel company someday, this gift option is the ideal for him. Get him a trendy backpack belonging to a world known brand like Deuter or American Tourister and help him explore the world.

Indoor Plants:-

Lucky Bamboo or Bonsai, Pothos or Gardenia – placing these wonderful plants at home would secure a better mental and physical health. They clean the air by removing intoxicants emitting out of household objects making one feel lighter. The flowering plants like lavender or gardenia are really great at calming your mind when you want to relax after office work pressure. Explore the plant world some more and find one bhai tikka gift for your brother.

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