Things To Know Before You Purchase A Cctv Camera

Things To Know Before You Purchase A Cctv Camera

Things To Know Before You Purchase A Cctv Camera

There are several issues to consider when purchasing a good CCTV camera. Modern CCTV systems come with a multitude of features that suit a wide range of applications. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose some of the features that are perfect for your immediate needs. At a time when innovation is at its peak, you do not need to worry about the cost as you can get some a good gadget at a friendly price. Regardless of your needs though, there are some key general points that you can consider when making a purchase. Here are 5 key points you can consider before purchasing a CCTV camera.

Purchase A Cctv Camera

Camera Sensor 

The sensor is a key component that determines how much light the camera can process. There are usually two main issues that determine the performance of the sensor – the type and the size. Bigger sensors usually process light fairly well compared to smaller sensors. When it comes to type, CMOS sensors and CCD sensors are prevalent. CMOS sensors are usually less costly and less effective compared to CCD sensors.

HD Video

Modern CCTVs can usually record high definition video straight out of the box. HD video recording is crucial to a modern CCTV because not only are you able to enjoy more detail, but the clarity of the video makes it suitable for specific application areas. Digital cameras are usually capable of recording and transmitting authentic HD video. Whether you intend to use the system at home or in the office, HD video quality can definitely be very handy for enhancing the value of the whole CCTV system.

Night Vision

Most CCTVs are required to run for 24 hours every day. This means that a night vision lens is crucial for use at night. Many CCTVs in the market come with a night vision lens already installed. While you can purchase such a lens separately, it is always best to consider a system that comes with night vision capability ready if you want to reduce costs. Night vision lenses are great for use in all kinds of industries from law enforcement to media and other areas.

Wireless capability

Most modern systems are progressively moving from wired connections to wireless connections. For CCTV cameras, wireless capability is a great feature that improves the effectiveness of the system. A wireless CCTV can be installed in the most unlikely locations and transmit video to a remote location with great efficiency. Wireless CCTVs are also some of the best for use especially when you want stealth or are concerned about privacy.

Remote monitoring

Finally, a good point to consider before purchasing a CCTV system is remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is crucial for enhancing convenience. With this capability, it is possible to track events regardless of your location. CCTV monitoring can be a costly process especially if extra manpower is required to do monitoring. By opting for a system with remote monitoring capability, some of the costs can be removed. Since it is possible to send timely alerts through the remote monitoring system, the efficiency of the CCTV cameras is improved.

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