Why Sex Dolls Are Gaining Popularity

Why Sex Dolls Are Gaining Popularity



Popular futuristic movies like Back to the Future made flying cars and holograms a part of everyday life. While you may still stick to tires on solid ground and airplanes to fly to your destination, technology is ever-changing. Many companies are creating robots that perform a multitude of jobs and services, and more recently playing a part in your intimate life. You may have many reasons to want to try spending time with your robotic companion. Here are some helpful reasons a sex doll may be at the top of your holiday gift list.


Robots for your health 


Sex dolls are gaining popularity, but it may not be why you think. For people who suffer from medical, social, or mental conditions that can interfere with a healthy social life, these bots can be crucial. One in 50 people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD. People affected by this can perceive their bodies differently, usually negatively, from how they actually appear. When you have this disorder, you can be uncomfortable about your body and it can create a difficulty when you’re in an intimate setting. You have a negative perception of yourself, which can include how you think others see you. 


Some companies make their creations look and feel real, giving you a humanlike companion who respond to your touch. You can choose from many looks, for example, Japenese sex dolls. You can buy dolls that are tall or short, and in an array of skin tones, depending on what you prefer. The adult dolls are moveable so you can pose your doll anywhere. Once you have your doll home, you can use one as a part of a therapeutic program you and your therapist have discussed. You can talk to your doll, participating in desired conversations in a setting you’re comfortable in. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of treatment that may benefit you when you have BDD. You can open up and talk to your sex robot about what triggers your anxiety. 


Sex dolls for grief


The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience. Whether from a death or even from a tumultuous divorce, losing your spouse is a huge event. Those who never had mental disorders before may now be experiencing panic disorders and other forms of anxiety. In older adults, research has shown, the effects are greater when losing someone they loved. You might not be ready to get back into a relationship but still feel the need to have someone to keep you company. You can ease back into a relationship using your adult doll until you are ready for a real flesh-and-blood companion. As a confidante, your doll is there without judgment and available at any time you need someone. While it’s important to remain social with people, it is all right to spend intimate time with your doll. If you need therapy, you can work with your physician to create a program with your doll. Creating a safe world at home for days you need some extra healing can be beneficial. A doll gives you that human feeling, thanks to working facial features and stimuli responses.


Adult dolls can just be fun


Sexual exploration can be an exciting but delicate subject. If you aren’t in a relationship or are in a new one, your new partner may not be ready. These realistic dolls can be used in a variety of positions, and you can order removable, washable parts. You might want to try out new fetishes for yourself but are nervous about your partner’s reaction. You can use your adult doll to act out your intimate desires or discuss what you want with your significant other. The doll can be your safe space during sex and let you both lose some inhibitions you may have. For example, one of you may want to try having another person involved but isn’t sure how it would work out. A doll can simulate another partner without the fear of jealousy or misreading the situation.

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