Why Should You Order Photos Online?

Why Should You Order Photos Online?

You probably remember going to the photo lab with your parents as a kid. You watched as your mom or dad placed a tube of film into an envelope, then dropped it into a box. After that, you had to wait at least three days for your photos to get developed, although you could sometimes get them in an hour if you paid extra money. We’re a long way removed from that reality now, in an era where everyone has a pretty good camera in their pocket or purse. Stores such as Walgreens have cut back on photo lab employees and pivoted to digital photo services rather than traditional chemicals. But there’s no need to even visit a physical store nowadays to get your photos developed. Here are a couple of good reasons to order your images online.

You have more printing options

Back in the old days, you could only really get copies of photos at in-store labs. Modern places have more options, but they still don’t have all the options you can find online. Let’s say you want to print a photo of you and your mom on a mug for Mother’s Day. Calling around to local stores takes a lot of time and energy. It also requires you to make an actual phone call. But you can find an online store to do it in a matter of seconds.

Ordering online also gives you more choices for your home decor. Canvas prints are a cool, elegant way to add personality to your home. You can go online and print to canvas in minutes. Just input some information, add the photo, and choose how big you want the canvas print to be. It almost feels too easy, but it’s not. The hardest part might be waiting two or three days for the canvas print to arrive, but even that’s not so bad in a world where most of us are used to ordering things from the internet.

You can order any time of day

Sure, a few photo labs are in stores that are open 24 hours a day, but most people probably don’t want to get out of bed and hit up the drugstore at 2 a.m. unless they really must. That’s an even worse option when you realize that ordering online allows you to order in your pajamas without having to go outside and interact with humans. At times, you just want to get your business done with any distractions.

We’re also living in an era where not everyone works 8-to-5 or 9-to-5 in an office. You might be a contract worker in Portland, Oregon, who works on your laptop during evenings. Or you might be a beverage distributor in South Kent, WA, who has to respond to vending machine calls at all hours. That kind of schedule can make it hard to find time to get to the local photo lab before it closes. With online ordering, you can do your business at the best time for you, not the best time for a photo lab employee.

Americans work a lot, often at odd hours. Twenty years ago, working the graveyard shift was way more frustrating than it is now. In 2019, you can get home from work at 2 a.m., then go home and do a little online shopping before you hit the hay. Then you can go to sleep, get up at noon, and do it all over again. There’s no need to rush to do your errands on your lunch break, whether your lunchtime is at noon or 8 p.m.

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